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New Balance

- UI
- UX


Tester reboot. 

The site was designed as a fulfillment tool for New Balance Program Managers to administer consumer product tests. Consumers can learn about the program and apply. If selected they receive shoes with instructions on how to return the product and provide feedback.

Content and front-end design

  • Update the design to the latest brand standards
  • Combine and consolidate content around the product testers
  • Keep homepage programmatically neutral for ease of maintenance 

Admin: Work within the CMS specifications to Provide a visual framework for data capture.

After reviewing the analytics report, we created user flows to inform content structure and guide design decisions. We provided a number of ideas to increase acquisition, including a streamlined sign-up process and consistent call-to-action. 

Responsive design is an accepted best practice. It can simply be understood as the means to organize content so that it scales and stacks correctly on a phone or tablet in landscape or portrait. Working through the site with the stakeholders, we created internal and external user profiles that allowed us to eliminate anything that might cause friction to a mobile experience.

Define KPIs

Performance is assessed on new visitors
completed product tests.


  • Sketch
  • Illustrator
  • Keynote
  • Invision

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