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What started as a brand ID and positioning project morphed into a full-time role to declare and operationalize the end client experience. Along the way I defined the brand and positioning, and found their audience.

The founders had 35 years of combined experience designing, installing, and programming high-end audio, video, heating, and lighting systems for New England's elite families. They recognized the industry was more preoccupied with new equipment features than delivering what was best for a client's lifestyle. 

Koncerted anticipates client's needs by providing product-agnostic advice and exceptional service to support their digital lifestyle.

The goal was to build the premier digital lifestyle brand in Metro Boston by delivering best-in-class client experiences.

Untangling Digital Lives

Digital devices have permeated every part of our homes, but time-stretched homeowners were unable to keep up with the learning curve, maintenance, and security. Parents had the added fear of keeping their kids safe online. 

Affluent residential clients were demanding a higher level of service that integrated all their digital devices into a single point of personal contact. Integrators rarely take a holistic view of a homeowner's digital ecosystem, which can swell to include HVAC, network, and security systems.

For their commercial clients, Koncerted took an open hardware approach to providing robust solutions for integrated conference systems. The audience had grown weary of inflated prices from proprietary hardware manufacturers for core functionality. Koncerted was able to provide better systems through consulting with IT and architect partners. 

Building a brand

Tech companies, especially service companies, frequently forget what they sell. Koncerted is not another tech brand but a brand for a digital age. 

I read a quote that stated, “It's easier to know why something is working, then why it isn’t.” Knowing that we were endeavoring to redefine a category, we deliberately avoided making any reference to “tech concierge” in any of our communications. When clients started describing us as such we knew the messaging was working.

Targeted messaging was a process of refinement. Starting with assumptions about B2B and B2C audiences, ads were divided into a series of paid campaigns and corresponding landing pages. In tandem, we partnered with bloggers and influencers to lift organic traffic.

Operationalizing A Brand

For Koncerted this was the process of breaking down the inputs and outputs to reconcile both client and management expectations. The company would live on a bedrock of technology to support technicians in the field and simultaneously provide dashboards to the management team at headquarters.

Many hours of consulting with internal stakeholders and clients resulted in process maps and means with which to evaluate a myriad of cloud based tools. 

Defining a Culture

To deliver a different level of service, the founders knew they had to hire industry outsiders and looked for scrappy “unconventionals.” It was less about recruitment than casting smart people who don’t automatically have all the answers. In one instance, Koncerted hired a tech savvy molecular biologist. His background in medical research was perfect for finding patterns in the data and converting insights into process.

The Digerati

The Digerati are part Alfred (Batman), part tech EMT, and part Genius Bar guru. The term Digerati was coined as a way to differentiate these unique technicians. In addition to technology and learning the “Koncerted way,” training workshops reminded new employees of the importance of sweating the small stuff like holding the door or assisting with groceries. More importantly, employees soon learn to use the digital tools to anticipate client needs and to never, ever leave a client stranded. 

From their phones, Digerati have the ability to score each other's performance, from their ability to perform tasks to punctuality, grooming, and knowledge sharing.

As soon as a client opens their front door, that brand has to come to life. Naturally, a company obsessed with details was going to create a uniform that blended style with practicality. With the team's input, button-down shirts were abandoned for discreetly branded performance shirts. Hard-wearing tactical pants had reinforced knees and plenty of pockets for tools. Rugged winter jackets were provided to repel the equally rugged New England winters. 


Since launching in 2012, Koncerted has seen 3X growth while maintaining the same overhead and is poised for growth. The digital ecosystem and brand on which the company was built continue to provide the feedback loop and timely metrics to enable team members to be smarter at every client interaction and deliver best-in-class client experiences.